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MIKE DISA (Director) Mike Disa was raised in a working class family on the South-side of Chicago where his artist father imbued him with a deep love of film and painting. After college, Mike left for Hollywood with nothing but a portfolio, his grandfather's beat up Delta 88, and conviction that digital filmmaking was the future of Art.

His many adventures as a homeless artist will be dramatized in the upcoming major motion picture, "Eating out of trash cans is great training for the garbage you'll be asked to swallow working as a filmmaker.” And it's direct to video sequel, "I didn't go through all that to work on this shit.”

Mike found work in video games and television and worked his way into the major animation studios.

Along the way he got ot train beside some of the best film makers and artists of this generation.

After working for over ten years as an animator/story artist at Disney Feature Animation, Warner Feature, Marvel, Amblin, and Hanna Barbara, Mike became frustrated with the process, cost and quality of big studio animated films and struck out to become an independent Director/Writer.

After co-creating the series pilot Deadwood for Warner's On-line, directing commercials, and developing a feature project for Warner's Feature, Mike directed and storyboarded the Lilo and Stich short for Disney called The Origin of Stitch which was nominated for a DVDX award.

Mike spent a year working on Rob Zombie's El SuperBeasto before moving on to co-write and direct Hoodwinked Too: Hood vs Evil, the CG feature film follow-up to the 2006 hit Hoodwinked for Kanbar Ent/The Weinstein Company.

Since that film wrapped in March 2009, Mike directed the feature length animated adaptations of EA's Dante's Inferno and Dead Space Aftermath. Both very dark R-rated horror films deliberately designed to push what 2D and 3D animation could do visually and dramatically with adult themes and subject matter. Mike is presently back finishing Stereoscopic conversion of Hoodwinked Too for Kanbar Ent/The Weinstein Company due out April 2011.


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