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ALASTAIR FOTHERGILL (Co-Director) studied zoology at Durham University and in 1983 joined the BBC's Natural History Unit, where, among many other projects, he produced films with Sir David Attenborough, including "Life in the Freezer” and "The Trials of Life.” He served as head of the Natural History Unit from 1992 until 1998, when he stepped down to work full-time on the award-winning "The Blue Planet.” From 2002 to 2006, Fothergill was series producer of "Planet Earth,” one of the most acclaimed documentary series of all time.

Fothergill's theatrical credits as a director include "Deep Blue” and the groundbreaking "Earth,” which has been a huge box-office hit around the world. Along with "African Cats,” Fothergill is directing (with Mark Linfield) another Disneynature production, "Chimpanzee,” which is currently shooting in Uganda and the Ivory Coast. He is also acting as executive.

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