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NOAH TAYLORr is one of Australia's most accomplished film actors and has worked with some of the world's finest directors and actors. His credits include THE YEAR MY VOICE BROKE, FLIRTING (both directed by John Duigan), NOSTRADAMUS KID (director Bob Ellis), ALMOST FAMOUS (director Cameron Crowe), TOMB RAIDER, SHINE, MAX, THE LIFE AQUATIC (director Wes Anderson), CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (director Tim Burton), NEW WORLD (director Terrence Malick) and LECTURE 21 (director Alessandro Baricco). Recent credits include SUBMARINE, RED DOG and Simon Rowley's RED, WHITE AND BLUE which features Noah in a dark character portrayal, which highly contrasts from his earlier work. Noah has been nominated for many awards, and is a four-time winner of the Film Critic's Circle of Australia Best Actor Award. Noah is very active musically, both on his own and in numerous collaborations. He also regularly paints and enjoys drawing.


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