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COLIN FARRELL (Jerry) is a native of Ireland. He won a Golden Globe® Award for his performance in the dark comedy "In Bruges.” He will soon be seen in the comedy "Horrible Bosses” and "Total Recall.”

Farrell's other feature film credits include "The Way Back,” "London Boulevard,” "Ondine,” "Pride and Glory,” "Cassandra's Dream,” "Miami Vice,” "Alexander,” "The New World,” "Ask the Dust,” "The Recruit,” "A Home at the End of the World,” "Phone Booth,” "Tigerland,” "Minority Report,” "Daredevil,” "American Outlaws,” "SWAT” and "Intermission.”

Born and raised in Castleknock in the Republic of Ireland, Farrell joined the Gaity School of Drama in Dublin. Before completing his course, he landed a starring role in Dierde Purcell's miniseries "Falling for a Dancer,” a starring role in the BBC series "Ballykissangel,” and a featured role in Tim Roth's directorial debut, "The War Zone.”

Farrell lives in Dublin, Ireland.


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