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GUY PEARCE (Alex Hurst) was born in England but moved to Australia aged three. His first acting experience was aged 11, where he appeared in several theatre productions. Pearce also had an interest in bodybuilding in his early teens and won the Junior Mr Victoria bodybuilding contest at the age of 16. But in 1985, he landed a role on hit Australian television series Neighbours, where he was quickly propelled into major teen idol status.

Pearce's first major internationally acclaimed role was on Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and he has since been in major feature films such as L.A Confidential, Memento, The Time Machine, The Proposition and Death Defying Acts. He works both internationally and back home and has also been involved in theatre productions in Melbourne.

Guy Pearce has played many varying roles: From an Irish outlaw in The Proposition, to a portrayal of Andy Warhol in Factory Girl and of course a drag queen in Priscilla Queen of the Desert. He is said to "inject an unpleasantness” into each role and shy away from "star” status.

Back at home in Melbourne, Pearce writes and plays music and lives with his childhood sweetheart. However, Guy Pearce likes to keep his private life to himself and let the roles speak for themselves: In February 2002, he told GQ, "I always go home after an interview and feel like I've prostituted myself. Ultimately, I'd rather actors be seen as their characters and you didn't really know anything about their personal lives." Luckily for him, the roles do speak for themselves.

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