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TROY NIXEY (DIRECTOR) is well known as an illustrator/writer of comic books. Notable comics include "Batman: The Doom that Came to Gotham,” "Batman: The Gasworks,” "It's Only the End of the World Again,” "Grendel: Black, White and Red” and "Bacon.” Nixey also co-created the comic mini-series "Jenny Finn” and the critically acclaimed comic "Trout.”

His comic book background has been perfect for Nixey's transition into a director of genre films, allowing Nixey to bring his unique design sense and storytelling ability to "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark” and other projects he has in development.

Nixey's comic book "Trout” was optioned by Phoenix Pictures, with Nixey helping to produce. "Trout” is a story about a boy living in a world where nightmares can come to life and dreams can be stolen with ease and evil can take on an unassuming innocence.

In 2007, Nixey's short film "Latchkey's Lament” screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. "Latchkey's Lament” is an elegant and dynamic blend of live action and computer-generated animation that won critical acclaim at TIFF. It was this short film that attracted Guillermo del Toro to Nixey and created industry buzz about Nixey's first feature, which would become "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark.”

Troy Nixey is currently in development for another feature film, "Simple Machines,” which he wrote to go along with directing, pairing once again with Phoenix Pictures and Nick Nunziata.


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