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MILLA JOVOVICH is a Ukrainian-born actress, supermodel, fashion designer and singer who has graced the cover of more than a hundred magazines. Since focusing on acting she has starred in such films as THE FIFTH ELEMENT, ZOOLANDER, THE PERFECT VACATION and the hugely successful RESIDENT EVIL franchise. In DIRTY GIRL she plays Danielle's hopeless "reformed slut” mother Sue-Ann.

Milla Jovovich: "It's been one of the most enjoyable productions I've ever been a part of and a real honor that Abe Sylvia would consider me for a comedic role alongside this very talented and well respected ensemble cast. I had the time of my life. My character was very different from anything I have ever played. An Oklahoma accent was a real challenge. She's a really quirky, innocent, dumbbell with a good heart and best of intentions. She has no idea how to raise a child. By the end of the story, the way she re-connects with her daughter was very inspiring."

Abe Sylvia: "Milla brought incredible wit and warmth to Sue-Ann. I believe her performance is the key to the audience's ability to navigate the shift between humor and pathos in the film. She brought a confident lightness of touch to her comedic scenes and resilient clarity to her emotionally heavy scenes. And she was beloved by the crew; which is a real testament to her personal character.”


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