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JUNO TEMPLE first gained prominence with small but memorable roles in ATONEMENT, NOTES ON A SCANDAL and THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL. She followed these by branching out into comedy with the UK smash hit ST TRINIAN'S. Since then her star has continued to rise with a leading role in Jordan Scott's CRACKS and starring alongside Michael Cera in YEAR ONE. Next year, as well as playing the title role of Danielle in DIRTY GIRL she will be in seen in Summit Entertainment and Constantin Films' THE THREE MUSKETEERS.

Juno Temple, "I absolutely adored the script, in fact I couldn't put it down. It evoked such a flurry of emotions in me and I thought that Danielle was such an extraordinary creature - and a challenging role - that I became desperate to play her. Also the cast; there was such an incredible group of people attached to this project and after meeting and auditioning with Abe I knew that I really wanted to be a part of DIRTY GIRL. It was truly unlike anything I had ever read before.”

Abe Sylvia: "Juno Temple is, quite simply, the real deal: true movie star, the perfect combination of instinct, skill and charisma. She completely owns every frame she graces.”

Milla Jovovich: "She's a dream come true and one of the most talented young actors in our industry today. I'm so proud we made this movie together and we're working together again on THE THREE MUSKETEERS.”

Jeremy Dozier: "I loved working with Juno. I don't think anyone else could have the done the part justice like she did, she just oozes talent. She can achieve things on film that blow my mind. We clicked immediately and became best friends before filming even started, so the chemistry between the two characters was already there. We'd get on set and just play.”

Mary Steenburgen: "On the first day I worked with Juno, I did my last scene in the film which is a scene where she talks to me about how I'm not really being there for my son. I loved every second and knew immediately she could go a very long way.”

Tim McGraw: "The sky is the limit for Juno Temple. I loved working with her.”


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