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JEREMY DOZIER had never had a major role before being cast in DIRTY GIRL. The search for Clarke had been extensive and not an easy one, with the actor needing to display a particular versatility in their acting as the character emerges from his shell. Plus he needed some killer dance moves. After Abe Sylvia had screen tested Jeremy he pulled out the leg warmers and put him through his paces in a dance studio to see what he was made of. The results were quite simply....dazzling. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Jeremy Dozier: "What fascinates me most about Clarke is his inner strength. Despite coming from an abusive household and being tormented at school, Clarke is still a grounded, funny, charming, intelligent, loving person. It takes an enormous amount of strength to be able to hold onto those parts of yourself in that kind of environment. A weaker person would have literally had them beaten out of them.”

Abe Sylvia: "We met Jeremy Dozier when he sent in a homemade audition tape shot in his college dorm at the University of Texas. He approached the role of Clarke with such clarity of purpose that in almost every instance he hit the performance on the first take; every director's dream when working on such a tight schedule”

Juno Temple: "Jeremy has become one of my closest friends for life. We had such an amazing time working together. I think he is sensational. He made it so easy and made me feel so safe in each scene that we forgot cameras were rolling! He brought Clarke to life in such an extraordinary way, and it was so honest, I learned a lot from him and would love to work with him again. Such a great friendship blossomed out of us playing these characters together and I really think that comes through on screen. Jeremy is going to blow peoples' minds, I'm sure of it, he already blew mine!”

Mary Steenburgen: "Jeremy was so immersed in his part that working with him was effortless. I think he probably understood the character deeply from the inside and he worked so hard to handle the dance scenes. He was like a bright, sweet light and I loved playing his mom.”


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