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One of Sweden's most renowned directors, LASSE HALLSTROM is best known to international audiences as the maker of such poignant but resolutely unsentimental coming-of-age films as My Life as a Dog and What's Eating Gilbert Grape. In 1991, he came to the US and made his stateside debut with Once Around, a romantic comedy starring Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfuss. Two years later, he directed What's Eating Gilbert Grape, followed by the romantic comedy Something to Talk About in 1995. The director did not make another film for four years until he re-emerged with an adaptation of John Irving's The Cider House Rules. The following year, Hallström scored yet another art-house hit with the romantic comedy drama Chocolat, the tale of a small-town candy maker who shakes up her community by staying open on Sundays earned numerous award nominations including four Golden Globe® Nominations and five Academy Award® nominations. His recent credits also include The Shipping News (2001), An Unfinished Life (2005), Casanova(2005), and Dear John (2010).


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