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MICHAEL DOWSE (Director) Michael was born into a poor Irish immigrant family and raised in Calgary, Alberta. He started out in the editing suite then graduated up to short films and music videos, doing three videos for The New Pornographers. In the year two thousand he made his first feature FUBAR, which premiered at the Sundance Film

Festival, It's All Gone Pete Tong was Michael's second feature, going on to win the City Award at the 2004 Toronto International Film, Best Film at HBO's Aspen Comedy Festival and Best Film at the GenArt Film Festival in New York. His first foray into cable television, "The Foundation,ā€¯ which he co-created, wrote and directed, premiered on Showcase in September 2009. 2010 / 11 turned out to be a busy year, the long awaited sequel to FUBAR II opened Midnight Madness at TIFF and went on to be a huge success theatrically. Michael's first American studio film, Take Me Home Tonight, starring Topher Grace and Anna Faris, for Imagine Entertainment and Relativity was released worldwide on March 4th, 2011. Michael resides in Montreal and is desperately trying to improve his French.


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