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VINCE VAUGHN (Bob) has, in the last decade, established himself as one of Hollywood's most versatile comedic performers, showcasing his unique blend of quick wit and personable charm in a diverse array of projects -- from big-budget blockbusters to offbeat independent fare. Vaughn made his cinematic debut in the 1993 underdog film "Rudy,” where he became friends with fellow actor Jon Favreau and forged a symbiotic creative partnership. This led to Vaughn's breakout role in Favreau's 1996 film-turned-cult classic "Swingers.” Over the next sixteen years, a dynamic collaboration ensued between these two comical virtuosos that would have them reunite for several projects, beginning with the mob farce "Made,” followed by "The Break-up” with Jennifer Aniston playing opposite Vaughn, "Four Christmases” also starring Reese Witherspoon, and most recently "Couples Retreat.”

Vaughn landed prominent roles in high-profile megahits that began with Steven Spielberg's "The Lost World: Jurassic Park.” In 2003, Vaughn's popularity skyrocketed with the release of "Old School,” also starring Will Ferrell and Luke Wilson. Following this pivotal performance, Vaughn proved to be a comedic tour de force with a succession of hit comedies including the seventies television show remake, "Starsky & Hutch,” "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,” both with Ben Stiller; reuniting with Will Ferrell in "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”; "Be Cool,” opposite John Travolta and Uma Thurman; "Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; and "Fred Claus,” alongside Paul Giamatti, Kathy Bates and Rachel Weisz.

In 2005, Vaughn's soaring comic trajectory culminated with the highest-grossing comedy of the year, "Wedding Crashers.” Again, Vaughn teamed with Owen Wilson, this time to form a womanizing duo deceptively enchanting the lovelorn with their hedonistic debauchery. The film also starred Rachel McAdams, Christopher Walken and Isla Fisher. Vaughn continued to impress with his versatility as a gifted performer equally adept at comedy and drama, as well as other genres, appearing in "A Cool, Dry Place,” "Return to Paradise,” "Thumbsucker,” Dwight Yoakam's directorial debut "South of Heaven, West of Hell,” Sean Penn's critically acclaimed film adaptation of "Into the Wild,” "Psycho” directed by Gus Van Sant also starring Julianne Moore, Viggo Mortensen and William H. Macy, "The Cell” opposite Jennifer Lopez, and "Domestic Disturbance” with John Travolta.

Vaughn's most recent projects include "The Dilemma” directed by Ron Howard, also starring Kevin James, Channing Tatum and Queen Latifah; the soon to be released, Stephen Frears dramedy, "Lay the Favorite,” with Bruce Willis, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Rebecca Hall; and the romantic comedy, "A Case of You,” starring Peter Dinklage, Evan Rachel Wood and Sam Rockwell. Vaughn will reunite with his "Wedding Crashers” co-star, Owen Wilson, in the Twentieth Century Fox comedy, "The Internship,” with Shawn Levy at the helm.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Vaughn formed Wild West Picture Show Productions, producing the films "The Break-up,” "Four Christmases,” "Couples Retreat,” "The Dilemma,” and the documentary "Wild West Comedy Show.”

This summer, TBS premiered the Wild West Picture Show-produced half-hour comedy, "Sullivan & Son,” executive produced by Vaughn and starring Steve Byrne.


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