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JET LI (Yin Yang) is a world-renowned martial artist, movie star, social sector leader and social entrepreneur. Born in Beijing, Jet began studying Chinese Wushu at the age of 8, and became a five-time consecutive All-Around National Wushu Champion of China (1975-1979). He was selected by the Chinese government to perform Wushu at various diplomatic functions in over 45 countries, including for President Richard Nixon of the United States.

At the age of 17, Jet kicked off his 30+ year film career with his lead role in "Shaolin Temple" in 1982. Since then, he has starred in countless classic Chinese martial arts epics, such as "Once Upon a Time in China," "Fist of Legend," "Hero" and "Fearless." His film credits also include numerous international hits such as "Lethal Weapon 4," "Romeo Must Die," "The Mummy 3" and "The Expendables." In 2010, Jet Li starred in the critically acclaimed film "Ocean Heaven," which depicted the struggles of a terminally ill father struggling to teach his autistic son how to survive on his own.

In 2007, Jet founded One Foundation, which advocates broad-based participation in philanthropy and volunteerism as a way of life. With its innovative mass micro-philanthropy model of "every 1 person + every 1 month + donates 1 dollar/yuan = 1 big family," One Foundation has been a major force in the development of China's nascent philanthropy sector. On January 11th, 2011, One Foundation officially announced it had received legal status as an independent Public Foundation, becoming the first NGO to successfully complete this transition and setting an example in China's NGO sector.

In 2010, Jet and the One Foundation established China's first Philanthropy Research Institute in partnership with Beijing Normal University in order to address the critical human capital shortage in China's philanthropy sector. The Institute aims to cultivate the next generation of social sector leaders in China, both through degree granting programs as well as corporate training programs.

In 2011, Jet officially launched a new social enterprise called Taiji Zen International in partnership with Mr. Jack Ma. This new movement's aim is to promote health and happiness across the world through the practice of Taijiquan, as well as the understanding of Taiji philosophy.


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