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EMMA FITZPATRICK (Elena) was born in Marion, Ohio.

She has a background in classical music and musical theater, with a Bachelors of Music from Belmont University where she studied theater, music, dance and film. After graduating from college, Emma enjoyed a six-month stint singing standards on a Celebrity Cruise liner. She then joined Tokyo Disney, where she sang in a jazz/ Broadway review called "Big Band Beat" at Tokyo Disney Sea. One year later, Emma finally settled in Los Angeles to formally study acting with Lesly Kahn, dabble in modeling, and to write music and perform with her band The Mots Nouveaux.

Previously, Emma was cast in the Oscar-nominated drama, THE SOCIAL NETWORK, directed by David Fincher, as well as the feature film IN TIME, directed by Andrew Niccol. Her other credits include guest stars on CSI; NY and UNDERCOVERS.


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