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DON COSCARELLI (Director, Writer, Producer)

Independent filmmaker Don Coscarelli was born in Tripoli, Libya and raised in Southern California. Although his family was not connected with the motion picture business, he was fascinated with cameras and filmmaking at an early age. Long before he was old enough to attend film school, his short films, made with the help of neighborhood friends in his hometown of Long Beach, California, were winning prizes on television. At the age of nineteen, Coscarelli became the youngest filmmaker ever to have a feature film distributed by a major studio when he sold his independently produced and critically acclaimed drama, IM THE WORLD'S GREATEST, to Universal Pictures.

Coscarelli is best known for the PHANTASM films. PHANTASM and its successful sequels spawned a rabid cult of fans around the world. The original PHANTASM was a worldwide critical and box-office success and won the Special Jury Prize at the Festival du Cinema Fantastique at Avoriaz, France. Coscarelli subsequently wrote and directed three award-winning sequels.

Coscarelli also co-wrote and directed, THE BEASTMASTER, described by WEEKLY as being one of the most popular films of all time on cable television. THE BEASTMASTER has generated two sequels, a television series and a TONIGHT SHOW joke by Billy Crystal when he commented that HBO stood for "Hey Beastmaster's On.ā€¯ Coscarelli also wrote and directed KENNY & COMPANY, a warm comedy about children distributed by Twentieth Century Fox, and the wilderness adventure, SURVIVAL QUEST, starring Lance Henriksen, Catherine Keener and Dermot Mulroney.

More recently, Coscarelli has written for the screen and directed BUBBA HO-TEP, which stars horror-icon Bruce Campbell and the legendary actor, writer and social activist, Ossie Davis. In addition to being a critical hit, BUBBA HO-TEP was also a festival favorite, invited to prestigious film festivals around the world including the Toronto International Film Festival, SXSW, Florida Film Festival, Brussels International Festival, and the Hong Kong International Film Festival. At HBO's U.S. Comedy Arts Film Festival, Coscarelli was the recipient of the Best Screenplay Award and also subsequently received a Bram Stoker Award for his screenplay of BUBBA HO-TEP. At the Hollywood Film Festival Coscarelli was honored to receive the Hollywood Horror Film Award.

In 2005, Don Coscarelli co-wrote and directed the well-received premiere episode of Showtime Networks, MASTERS OF HORROR cable series.

Coscarelli was especially honored to be inducted into Fangoria magazine's Hall of Fame alongside many of his favorite horror filmmakers and stars.


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