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JOHN MOORE (Director) was born, raised and educated in Ireland. At age ten he began pursuing what would become a lifelong interest in still photography. He was a news cameraman, and then worked as an assistant cameraman in feature films helmed by such acclaimed filmmakers as Neil Jordan and Jim Sheridan.

Moore's innovative direction of commercials, rich with state-of-the-art special effects, earned him worldwide recognition. His most notable spots were for Adidas, Guinness, and particularly SEGA. Shortly after his 1999 spot for SEGA debuted on the MTV Music Video Awards, Twentieth Century Fox and Davis Entertainment gave Moore the nod to make his feature directorial debut on BEHIND ENEMY LINES, an action-adventure starring Gene Hackman and Owen Wilson.

Following the success of his debut, Moore accepted a studio production/ development deal with Fox and started a production company, Point Road. In 2004 he brought to the screen FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX, starring Dennis Quaid and Giovanni Ribisi, followed by the remake of the 1970s classic THE OMEN, for Twentieth Century Fox, which opened to worldwide success in June 2006. In the fall of 2008, Moore's MAX PAYNE, starring Mark Wahlberg, opened number one at the box office.


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