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SEBASTIAN KOCH (Komarov) is a well-known German actor who received international attention for his role in the acclaimed film THE LIVES OF OTHERS, which earned an Oscar for Best Foreign Language film. It tells the story of an East German secret agent in the 1980s who becomes enamored with the couple he is spying on. Most recently, Koch appeared with Liam Neeson in UNKNOWN, and stars in Mike Figgis's upcoming film SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF.

Koch was born in Karlsruhe, Germany on May 31, 1962, and spent his childhood in Stuttgart, in southwestern Germany. Before acting, he aspired to be a musician, but after watching a Stuttgart theatre production by director Claus Peymann, he decided that acting was the career he wanted to pursue. He began his career after graduating from the renowned Otto Falckenberg School of Acting in Munich with stage roles in Schiller's "Die Reuber,"Goethes "Iphigenie," and "Dirty Dishes" by Nick Whitby. 2002, he received the Bavarian Television Prize for his role in THE MANNS, which also received the Television Event of the Year prize in 2002. He earned international attention for playing the role of Catherine Deneuve's young lover, Rudolphe Loewenstein, in MARIE AND FREUD, and for also in the miniseries NAPOLEON, playing alongside Gerard Depardieu, John Malkovich and Isabella Rossellini.

In 2005 Koch collaborated for the third time with director Heinrich Breloer in SPEER AND HITLER, the story of Hitler and his architect Albert Speer, garnering Koch both the German Television Prize and Bavarian Television Prize for Best Actor. A year later he played Georgr Dreymann in THE LIVES OF OTHERS, for which he was awarded the Italian Foreign Press Award, the Globo d'Oro for Best European Actor, and the Bambi Award for Best Male German Actor.

His continued choice of roles has provided an intense examination of personalities and themes pertaining to German history. OPERATION VALKYRIE, acclaimed docu-drama from Jo Baier, about the aristocratic soldier Clemens von Stauffenberg's plot to murder Hitler, was awarded the German Television Prize.

In Paul Verhoeven's film BLACK BOOK, which premiered in Venice and Toronto and was a 2007 Netherlands Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film, Koch played the lead role as a Nazi officer in German-occupied Holland who falls in love with a Jewish Resistance Fighter. His most recent work includes the independent British movie ALBATROSS, directed by Niall MacCormick, and Iannis Smaragdis' Greek production, GOD LOVES CAVIAR.


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