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RICROMANWAUGH (Director,Writer) haswritten and rewritten numerous studio-based feature film screenplays forproducerssuchas:JerryBruckheimer,MarkGordon,NeilMoritz,BarryJosephson,ToddGarner, MarkCanton,JimSheridanandNickWechsler.ThisincludeshislatestscreenplayEVEL;abiopiconthelifeofEvel KnievelwhichRicwillalsodirectforExclusiveMedia.

As a director, Ric helmed the critically acclaimed film, FELON, from his own screenplay for Sony. The prison-baseddramastarredValKilmer,StephenDorff,SamShepard,HaroldPerrineauandNateParker.Nextupis thefeaturefilm,CURRENCY,forproducerSteveGolin,ParticipantMediaandFilmDistrict.Thelarge-scaledomestic actionthrilleriscenteredwithintheshadowworldofTier1SpecialOperationswhentwoofAmerica'smostelite warriorsenduphavingtofaceeachotheronoppositesidesofthelaw.

Most recently, it was announced that Waugh will write and direct the sci-fi thriller TIPPING Point,produced by Temple Hill Entertainment, Relativity and Industry Entertainment. The tense thriller set 50 years in the future follows a ruthless Population Control Officer who lives only for his job, until the day he discoverstwofugitiveshe'sbeenpursuingaretheloveofhislifewhomysteriouslydisappearedyearsagoandthe 12-year-oldsonheneverknewhehad.

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