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KERI RUSSELL (Lacy Barrett) Starting in January of 2013, audiences will once again have the opportunity to enjoy the allure of Keri Russell, who stars in the new original FX series THE AMERICANS, a drama that centers on Russian sleeper cells operating within the United States in the 1980s.

Russell will also be seen starring in two motion pictures which are set for release in 2013. In addition to DARK SKIES, she stars in the romantic comedy AUSTENLAND, directed by Joshua Hess, about a woman obsessed with the BBC production of "Pride and Prejudice" who travels to a Jane Austen-theme park in search of her perfect gentleman. The film will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

The Award-winning actress previously entranced audiences with her portrayal of the eponymous character FELICITY, making the show a break out phenomenon. On the show, Felicity Porter's rash decision to follow her high school crush to New York becomes a path to self-discovery -- and her dilemmas spoke to viewers everywhere. For her efforts, Russell won a Golden Globe Award in 1999. Simultaneously, Russell added to her motion picture credits, with roles in EIGHT DAYS A WEEK, THE CURVE, MAD ABOUT MAMBO and the Vietnam War drama, WE WERE SOLDIERS. After FELICITY concluded, Russell moved to New York City where she made her Off- Broadway stage debut in Neil LaBute's FAT PIG with Jeremy Piven and Andrew McCarthy.

Her on-screen charm and vulnerability led to many memorable motion picture portraits, as Russell appeared in THE UPSIDE OF ANGER, with Kevin Costner and Joan Allen, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III with Tom Cruise, WAITRESS, THE GIRL IN THE PARK, AUGUST RUSH, BEDTIME STORIES, LEAVES OF GRASS, EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES and GOATS.

Her additional television credits include the mini-series INTO THE WEST, executive produced by Steven Spielberg and the Hallmark Hall of Fame Presentation THE MAGIC OF ORDINARY DAYS and most recently the television series RUNNING WILDE opposite Will Arnett.


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