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LUKE GANALON (Antonio) is an 11 year old boy from Southern California, who has loved to entertain since he was old enough to walk. As a toddler he would stand on a makeshift stage dressed in a onesie strumming a toy guitar and singing for himself and to his family. Perhaps it is that joy of performing in front of people that helped Luke get hired upon his very first audition for a national commercial.

In 2012 Luke played Marc, in a warm-hearted film about a senior learning about the important matters in life, played by Ernest Borgnine in THE MAN WHO SHOOK THE HAND OF VICENTE FERNANDEZ. In 2011 Luke made a TV guest star appearance as Little Bucket in Nickelodeon's "Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures".

Currently Luke is starting production on a feature film as Jaime, staring opposite Kathy Baker and Monique Gabriela Curnen in director Patrick Cunningham's psycho-thriller MODEL HOME about a lonely boy being raised in a desolate suburb by a bi-polar mother.

When Luke is not acting he loves to spend time with his brothers and friends, plays organized soccer year-round, enjoys playing pick-up and organized basketball, competes on a swim team, enjoys riding his scooter with friends, served as his elementary school's Treasurer on Student Council, sings in both his school's choir and the school district's Honor Choir, and has been awarded for being a straight-A student for the past two years.


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