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SHERI MOON ZOMBIE takes us on adisturbing cinematic journeyin her latest film THE LORDS OF SALEM, as Heidi Hawthorne, a local disc jockey sinking into madness as she struggles with her connection to Salem's macabre history. A cult icon in her own right and the perennial muse of husband Rob Zombie, Sheri started her career in the mid- 90s as an MTV staple, appearing in over a dozen music videos. In 2003, Sheri crossed over into film, starring in the cult favorite HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES (Lions Gate) as 'Baby'. In 2005, she reprised this role in THE DEVIL'S REJECTS (Lions Gate), which garnered much critical acclaim. Sheri's cocktail of innocence, sadism, and sexuality, along with an unforgettable cackle, elevated her to cult status among genre film fans. In addition, the villainous role earned her a Spike TV's Scream Award and a Fuse Chainsaw Award.

Bringing to life the role of Deborah Myers, Sheri Moon Zombie starred in the box office smash HALLOWEEN (2007 Dimension), as well as the sequel, H2 (2009 Dimension). The character, which never appeared in the classic John Carpenters films, gave a depth and history to sociopath Michael Myers that audiences had never before seen. Sheri has also appeared in horror legend Tobe Hooper's film TOOLBOX MURDERS, as well as a faux film trailer WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE S.S. (for Quentin Tarantino's GRINDHOUSE, Dimension). On the small screen Sheri has popped up on episodes of Showtime's hit show CALIFORNICATION and the long running staple CSI:MIAMI . Sheri also proved to be an exceptional voice-over talent in the role of Suzi-X, an ass-kicking secret agent, in the R-rated, animated feature THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO.


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