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Danish actress TRINE DYRHOLM (Ida) began a string of award-winning performances at the age of 18, appearing in the film 'Spring Tide' (Springflod -- 1994), for which she received the prestigious Danish Critic Association Award, the Bodil -- an award she has gone to win five times, the only actor ever to have done so.

Dyrholm attended The Danish National School of Theatre 1991-1995. Among her many stage credits was Sarah Kane's solo performance "4:48 Psychosis" for which she received the Danishtheatrical award Reumert in 2002, and which led to a 2012 revival at legendary Berlin Volksbuhne.

Dyrholm received her first international attention for her part in Thomas Vinterberg's 'The Celebration' (Festen) in 1998 and has been a regular at The Berlinale with films like 'A Soap' (En Soap -- 2005), 'Little Soldier' (Lille Soldat -- 2008) and, earlier this year, 'A Royal Affair' (En Kongelig Affaere -- 2012).

Dyrholm played the female lead in Susanne Bier's Academy Award-winning 'In a Better World'. For that performance, Dyrholm won both a Bodil and a Robert for Best Leading Actress.


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