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This is the fourth time LOLA DUENAS has worked with Pedro Almodovar, after an appearance in "Talk to Her" (2002), the unforgettable Sole in "Volver" (2005), for which she won, along with many other awards, Best Actress at the Cannes Festival along with her fellow actresses, and the scene-stealing lip reader in "Broken Embraces" (2009).

Ramon Salazar and Javier Rebollo are other key directors in her filmography. With them she has made respectively, "Piedras" (2002), "20 centimetros" (2005) and "10.000 noches en ninguna parte" (not yet released), and "En camas separadas" (2003) and "Lo que se de Lola."

"The Sea Inside" (2004), by Alejandro Amenabar, was a great success for her and earned her the Goya and the Actors' Union award. This happened again with "Yo, tambien" (2009), by alvaro Pastor and Antonio Naharro. With this film she also won the Silver Conch for Best Actress at the San Sebastian film festival.

Recently she has worked in French cinema ("Les femmes du 6eme etage" (2011) by Philippe Le Guay or "La piece manquante" (not yet released) by Nicolas Birkenstock) and she is living happily in Paris.


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