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The last 3 years have been busy ones for visionary ADAM WINGARD (Director/Editor/Composer) . His serial killer love story, A Horrible Way to Die, premiered at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival in the 'Vanguard' section and was acquired soon after by Starz/Anchor Bay. In 2011, Wingard co-directed Autoerotic with mumblecore icon Joe Swanberg, who is also a frequent actor in Wingard's films. Wingard's next solo directorial effort, You're Next, a home invasion thriller, went on to premiere to rave reviews at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival as part of the 'Midnight Madness' section. The film created a feeding frenzy with buyers and was finally acquired by Lionsgate, which is giving the film a wide release on August 23, 2013. Premiering respectively at Sundance 2012 and Sundance 2013, Wingard directed segments in both critically acclaimed genre films V/H/S and S-VHS. Both anthologies were bought by Magnolia. S-VHS was executive produced by Wingard. The ABCs of Death, a 26-chapter horror anthology for Drafthouse Films and Magnet, has Wingard directing the letter "Q." Upcoming for Wingard is the spy thriller Dead Spy Running, which he will direct in late 2013 for Warner Bros. and Kevin McCormick's Langley Park and McG's Wonderland Sound & Vision.

The 2011 Fantastia Film Festival in Montreal honored Wingard with his very own sidebar section focusing on both his current work and his early shorts: "Medicated Monsters - A Spotlight on Filmmaker Adam Wingard."


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