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Writer and filmmaker ATIQ RAHIMI is a well-known representative of Afghan culture in Europe. A Francophile and former student at the Franco-Afghan high school of Kabul, Atiq fled his country in 1984 and received asylum from the French state, where he received a doctorate of cinema at the Sorbonne.

The author of several documentary films, Rahimi considers the cinema as a universal language, the best to discuss about the situation in his country of origin. Yet in 1996, when the Taliban took power in Kabul, he felt the need to switch to writing and wrote "Earth and Ashes", referring to the mourning and violence that afflict Afghanistan. He adapted it to the cinema himself in 2004. Earth and Ashes was shown in Cannes and received a glowing reception from the public.

As involved in writing as he is with filmmaking, Rahimi published "A Thousand Rooms of Dream and fear" in his native language in 2002, "le Retour Imaginaire", a photo book, and "The Patience Stone" in 2008.


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