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As both a writer and a director, DAVID TWOHY (Written and Directed by) has contributed much to the world of adventure, science fiction and fantasy, helping elevate genre films to such a degree that Entertainment Weekly named him "one of the 100 most creative people in Hollywood."

Twohy first gained attention with The Fugitive (story by and screenplay by), which starred Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. He was nominated for the WGA Award in 1993 for Best Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published. Twohy's writing credits include the cult classic Warlock; Terminal Velocity, which starred Charlie Sheen and Nastassja Kinski, for which Twohy also served as executive producer; Waterworld (written by), which starred Kevin Costner; Ridley Scott's G.I. Jane (screenplay by), which starred Demi Moore; and Impostor (screenplay by), which starred Gary Sinise and Madeleine Stowe.

Twohy made his directorial debut in 1992 with the Showtime original movie Timescape, that starred Jeff Daniels, which Twohy adapted for the screen from Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore's haunting novella "Vintage Season." Timescape received the Golden Raven Award from the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival and a Saturn Award nomination for Best Science Fiction Film. He was honored again in 1996 with a Saturn Award for his feature-film directorial debut The Arrival, which he wrote and directed.

In 2000, Twohy's next writing/directing venture was one of the most unexpected films, Pitch Black. Released by Universal Pictures, this modestly budgeted movie, shot in the Australian outback, startled critics and audiences alike with its chilling mood and deep characters. It was also the film that helped usher actor Vin Diesel into stardom.

In 2002, Dimension Films released Twohy's Below, which was co-written with Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream) and Lucas Sussman. The film followed a series of haunting and inexplicable occurrences on a World War II submarine and starred Bruce Greenwood and Olivia Williams.

In 2004, Twohy wrote and directed the follow-up to Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick. In addition to Diesel, Twohy's cast boasted the likes of Dame Judi Dench, Thandie Newton, Colm Feore and Karl Urban. Released in August 2009, Twohy's twisted thriller A Perfect Getaway was based on his original script. It was financed by Relativity Media and marketed by Universal Pictures. The film starred Milla Jovovich, Timothy Olyphant, Steve Zahn and Kiele Sanchez. Twohy attended California State University, Long Beach, receiving his BA in Film and Electronic Arts, with a minor in Theater Arts.

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