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An accomplished playwright, screenwriter, director, and actor, former classics major TIM BLAKE NELSON (Ray) is perhaps most familiar to the movie audience as the hilariously dim Delmar in Joel and ethan Coen's goofy Oscar-nominated comedy O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000).

After his successful stint with the Coens' light-hearted movie, Nelson returned squarely to downbeat material, directing the screen adaptation of his play The Grey Zone (2001), and a drama about the only armed revolt at Auschwitz: The Grey Zone. Back to being an actor for hire, Nelson scored a summer 2002 hat trick with roles in one glossy big studio blockbuster (Minority Report) and two well- regarded independent releases (Cherish, and The Good Girl).

Nelson's roles proliferated through the first years of the new millennium -- he averaged around six to eight A-list features per year, the number doubtless heightened by Nelson's status as a character actor and his resultant tendency to gravitate to bit parts in lieu of leading roles.


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