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KEVIN POLLAK (Frank "Mossy" Mostin) is an American actor, impressionist, game show host, and comedian. He started performing stand-up comedy at the age of 10 and touring professionally at the age of 20.

As an actor, Pollak began his career with George Lucas' WILLOW, directed by Ron Howard. Among his most notable roles are characters in AVALON (1990), RICOCHET (1991), A FEW GOOD MEN (1992), THE USUAL SUSPECTS (1995), Martin Scorsese's CASINO (1995), DETERRENCE (1999), END OF DAYS (1999), THE WHOLE NINE YARDS (2000) with Bruce Willis and THE WEDDING PLANNER with Jennifer Lopez (2001).

As a comedian, Pollak's most famous work was his 1992 HBO special STOP WITH THE KICKING, directed by fellow comedian David Steinberg and produced by Boston comedy writer Martin Olson. Not only starring in two of his own HBO stand-up comedy specials, Pollak returned to the live stand-up stage in 2001, headlining a sold out 20-city tour. In July 2009, THE LITTLEST SUSPECT, his most recent comedy special, was aired on Showtime.

Pollak was also seen hosting MILLION DOLLAR MONEY DROP on the FOX network at the end of 2010.

Pollak's directorial debut was on the horror web series VAMPED OUT, featured on the internet television platform Babelgum.

Pollak is an avid poker player, hosting weekly home games with some of Hollywood's A-list celebrities. He finished 134th out of 6,598 entrants in the 2012 World Series of Poker, earning himself $52,718. He also briefly hosted CELEBRITY POKER SHOWDOWN in its first season. He also hosts his weekly show, KEVIN POLLAK'S CHAT SHOW, where he interviews influential writers, directors and actors in the industry.

This year, he starred in feature MAX ROSE opposite Jerry Lewis, which premiered at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

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