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BRAD J. SILVERMAN (Director/Writer) gravitated towards the entertainment industry at an early age. His dad a professional trumpet player, Silverman cut his performance teeth as a rock/jazz drummer. But his knack for comedy caused him to put down the sticks and pick-up the microphone as he began a career in stand-up. This led to a nice run as a comedic actor.

All that changed after he wrote and directed his first short film. He had found his new calling. Silverman was on the fast track climbing the "Hollywood ladder" as a writer, director and producer, until, in the mid '90s, the Lord saved him. Within a couple years, he felt compelled to make the toughest decision of his life -- walk away from the entertainment industry. After an eight year "wilderness" period, in 2007 the door opened for Silverman to become staff writer/ director and vice president of production for the newly formed Coram Deo Studios, Inc.

After writing and directing a series of successful programs for kids, in 2009, he wrote and directed the first feature film for the company, the Christian romantic drama, No Greater Love. Still living in his native Los Angeles area, Silverman and his wife, Hayley, work with teens at their church and have four young children.


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