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JOSE PADILHA (Director), 45, is a Brazilian producer, writer and director.

As a documentary filmmaker, Padilha directed and produced three films. Bus 174 opened at the Sundance Film Festival and won several important awards, including Best Documentary at the Rio Film Festival, Best Documentary at the Sao Paulo Film festival, Best Documentary at the Miami International Film Festival, Best Documentary at the Havana International Film Festival, a Peabody for journalistic contribution, and the Emmy for Outstanding Cultural and Journalistic Programming. Bus 174 also earned Padilha a nomination for Best Director at the Directors Guild of America and the Charles E. Guggenheim Emerging Artist Award. He also directed Garapa, which opened in Berlin in 2008 and won the second prize for documentaries at the Havana International Film Festival 2006 and the Dirk Vanderseypen award 2009, as well as Secrets of the Tribe, which he opened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010 and won the Maysles Brothers Award for Best Documentary Film 2010. As a documentary producer, Padilha produced Estamira (directed by Marcos Prado), which won the Best Documentary awards at Rio de Janeiro and the Sao Paulo film festivals, Best Documentary at Karlovy Vary, and Grand Prix Marseille International Documentary Film Festival among many other significant awards; and Charcoal People (directed by Nigel Noble), which opened at Sundance in 1999, and won two Amnesty International awards.

As a fictional filmmaker, Padilha has directed, written and produced two features. For Elite Squad, he won several important international awards, including the Berlin Golden Bear and the Brazilian Academy Award for Best Director. Elite Squad 2 opened in Brazil in October 2010. Elite Squad was critically acclaimed in Brazil. The film wonthe Brazilian Academy Award for Best Script, Best Director and Best Film,and is currently the most watched Brazilian film of all time, having sold more than 11 million tickets in 2010. Elite Squad 2 is also the highest-grossing Brazilian film of all time, beating Avatar and Titanic. The film was independently produced and distributed.

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