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JAI COURTNEY (Eric) has quickly become one of Hollywood's highly sought after actors. After a sizzling start to 2013 starring opposite Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher and Bruce Willis in A Good Day to Die Hard, Courtney shows no signs of slowing down.

In early 2014 Courtney will co-star in the films directed by Angelina Jolie and Russell Crowe. First he will shoot Unbroken, the film Angelina Jolie is directing for Universal based on the unbreakable spirit of Louis Zamperini, the former Olympic track prodigy who endured unimaginable hardship as a WWII POW at the hands of Japanese prison guards. Courtney will play Cup, a WWII veteran pilot who gets caught in tenacious midair gunfight alongside Zamperini. Then he will move to The Water Diviner, Russell Crowe's feature directorial debut about an Australian man who travels to Turkey to attempt to locate the bodies of his three sons, who were killed there during WWI. Courtney portrays Lt. Col. Cyril Hughes who is tasked with organizing the effort to identify the tens of thousands of soldiers killed at Gallipoli.

Prior to filming DIVERGENT, Courtney shot Felony on location in Australia. Co-starring with Joel Edgerton and Tom Wilkinson, Courtney plays a young police detective who suspects Edgerton's character is lying about a crime he's committed and gradually builds a criminal case against him. The World Premiere of the film will took place September 10, 2013 at the Toronto Film Festival.

Courtney was born and raised in the northwest region of Sydney where he developed an early interest in acting. He participated in a state sponsored drama program for young people, which led him to audition for the National Institute of Dramatic Art after high school. In 2004 he joined the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) a well-respected institution in Perth from where he graduated in 2008.

Following graduation, Courtney quickly landed guest star roles on two hit Australian shows, "Packed to the Rafters" and "All Saints," and later that year he won a Theatre Critics Award for Best Newcomer for his performance in "The Turning" at the Perth Theatre Company. In 2009 Courtney landed the sought after role of Varro in the international Starz hit television series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand." The character of Varro became the closest confidante to Spartacus until his death in the tenth episode. Fans of the show created an uproar over Varro's death and to this day continue to lament about it on the many Spartacus fan sites and blogs.

Next Courtney was cast in the Paramount film Jack Reacher alongside Tom Cruise and Werner Herzog. The film, which is a thriller directed by Chris McQuarrie, is the story of the investigation of the murder of five people whose deaths seem random, but upon further investigation are not as they appear.

After Jack Reacher, Courtney went directly to the Lionsgate film I, Frankenstein opposite Aaron Eckart. The film is a modern twist on the classic horror tale, in which he plays the leader of one of two immortal clans raging in endless war, with Frankenstein's soulless monster standing between them. The film, which is directed by Stuart Beattie, is scheduled to be released in January 2014.

After I, Frankenstein, Courtney shot A Good Day to Die Hard on location in Europe. The fourth installment of the Die Hard franchise opened in February 2013. The film made over $300 million worldwide.

In addition to these roles, Courtney has been working tirelessly to raise awareness and the funds needed to produce the feature-length documentary Be Here Now about his friend the late Andy Whitfield, who passed away 18 months after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. It was Andy's desire to have this documentary produced in order to help and inspire others dealing with cancer or any of life's challenges. The documentary is helmed by Academy Award nominated documentarian Lilibet Foster.


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