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DAVID DOUGLAS (Director/Cinematographer) has helmed and photographed large format documentary benchmarks, including the Oscar-nominated "Fires of Kuwait," which also received the GSTA Maximum Image Award for Best Classic IMAX film; critically acclaimed "Survival Island"; as well as the first IMAX concert feature, "Rolling Stones: At the MAX," which captures the world's greatest rock and roll band on their massive Steel Wheels tour and earned the GSTA Maximum Image Award. He also wrote, directed and photographed "Wolves" for the National Wildlife Federation and "Straight Up: Helicopters in Action," which premiered at the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum.

Douglas' first high school multiple-image documentary led to employment at Multiscreen Corp. by the inventors of the IMAX system/fathers of the large format film industry, Robert Kerr, Bill Shaw, Roman Kroitor and Graeme Ferguson. He later spent 18 months training dozens of astronauts to be filmmakers on Ferguson's IMAX Space Team, supporting their orbital efforts on 14 shuttle flights from mission control, as well as shooting the terrestrial images for the original IMAX space series, "The Dream is Alive," "Blue Planet," "Destiny in Space" and "Mission to Mir."

Constantly moving between directing and cinematography, Douglas has photographed over thirty films for IMAX Corporation and other clients, including most recently, the IMAX documentaries "Born To Be Wild" and "All Access: Front Row, Backstage, Live!," and provided additional photography on the IMAX space documentaries "Space Station 3D," and "Hubble 3D."

In 2002, he was honored with the Kodak Vision award, and in 2010 received the IMAX Hall of Fame Award.


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