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With a vision to "reach a sight and sound generation", TOM NEWMAN has built an international reputation for unifying inspired messages with captivating entertainment. As an award-winning producer, Tom has effectively leveraged his influence in both the faith community and the entertainment industry to create an impressive body of work--featured around the world in movie theaters, live stages, and broadcast in over 100 million households around the world through TV networks such as ABC Family, TBN, and LifeTime.

As the founder and president of Impact Productions, Tom produced the award-winning, internationally-touring live stage show, "The Masterpiece: A Toymaker's Dream". During the show's 16-year, 28-country run, Tom expanded his producing experience to film and television.

Over the last 20 years, Tom has collaborated with best-selling authors and speakers like Max Lucado, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Oral Roberts, David Barton, and Jordan Rubin to bring quality entertainment to the entire family. Highlights include Max Lucado's 3D animated YOU ARE SPECIAL and its three sequels; the PAHAPPAHOOEY ISLAND series; and the recent American Heritage Series with David Barton.

RESURRECTION marks Tom's first successful film collaboration with best-selling author Max Lucado. Its follow-up, THE CHRISTMAS CHILD, is a holiday favorite on the Lifetime network. In 2006, Tom was a producer on the feature film, End of the Spear, a top-performing indy release for that year. 2013 also sees the release of HOME RUN, starring Scott Elrod and Vivica A. Fox.


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