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PETER RIEGER has been acting, writing, directing and producing for the past 40 years. His movies include: Animal House, Local Hero, Crossing Delancey, Chilly Scenes of Winter, Coldblooded, UTZ, Oscar, Passed Away, The Mask, Traffic, White Irish Drinkers and the short film The Response, which received the ABA Silver Gavel. He was short listed for an Academy Award nomination for a live-action short. Television credits which include: HBO's "The Sopranos," FX's "Damages," Gypsy, Barbarians at the Gate, "Concealed Enemies," NBC's "Law and Order SVU," CBS' "The Good Wife" and CW's "One Tree Hill." On Broadway, he was in "The Old Neighborhood," "An American Daughter," "The Nerd" and "Dance With Me." Off B'Way includes: "Sexual Perversity in Chicago," "The Birthday Party," "Moutain Language," "Isn't It Romantic?" and "A Rose By Any Other Name." His directorial film debut was the Academy Award nominated short By Courier, followed by his first feature, King of the Corner, with Isabella Rossellini, Eli Wallach, Rita Moreno, Beverly D'Angelo, Eric Bogosian and Dominic Chianese. He is currently preparing his next feature based on the novel, A Field of Darkness, by Cornelia Read and is working on a documentary about the oldest cemetery in Queens, NY, Prospect Cemetary, est. 1668 (see Kickstarter campaign).

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