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CONNOR CORUM (Colton Burpo) makes his screen debut in Heaven is for Real. Connor's family responded to an open casting call in their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, after having been told about the casting session by a family friend. Chosen from amongst numerous worthy contenders after an exhaustive North American search, six-year-old Connor impressed the filmmakers with his absolutely natural approach and his unique ability to adjust to whatever was put in front of him.

Connor is a fun-loving and compassionate older brother to his sister, Ryan and baby brother, Pierce. He plays soccer and enjoys dressing up as a spy or ninja to go on secret missions; he is truly an All-American boy.

Director Randall Wallace and Connor formed an undeniably special bond during the shooting of the film. Each day was full of hugs and praise followed by Randall swinging Connor in wide, dizzying circles. More than anything though, Connor loved to have Randall hold him upside down over a garbage can, and pretend that he was about to drop him in. Kids ... go figure what will prove to be a source of delight, and an incentive for the long, arduous process of multiple takes, and the concentration required of Connor to remember his lines and cues.

Connor's portrayal of Colton Burpo is a wondrous and wonderful testament to the love and support of his family, Randall Wallace, and the film's stars Greg Kinnear and Kelly Reilly, who play Colton's parents Todd and Sonja Burpo.


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