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JON ERWIN (Director, Co-Writer) and ANDREW ERWIN (Director) A feature film, dramatic TV series, documentaries, reality television, shorts, music videos and commercials...all of these are regulars for the Erwin Brothers, a writer/director duo from Birmingham, Ala. These young and unorthodox artists are anything but traditional. They focus on new and innovative ways to produce a diverse portfolio of work--from their multi-award winning documentaries such as, THE CROSS AND THE TOWER, to the dramatic and reality TV series Life After and Real Strength, to their first feature film OCTOBER BABY.

Jon and Andy began their career as teenagers, working as camera operators for ESPN. Local games at the University of Alabama soon became a full-time career as sports cameramen. The brothers eventually worked on everything from ESPN College Football Primetime to FOX NFL—doing events like the XGames, the NFL, the NBA and the Super Bowl. In 2005, the young team began to venture into directing commercials and music videos. They found their greatest success in the world of music, directing music videos and producing concerts and television programs for platinum artists like Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Switchfoot, Skillet and Montgomery Gentry among many others. They have received 10 nominations and three consecutive wins for Music Video Of The Year at the GMA Dove Awards. They are now veterans of nearly a hundred music videos and concerts.


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