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TEO HALM (Alex) caught the eye of James Franco who cast him as the best friend to a young Charles Bukowski in his upcoming biopic Bukowski which comes out later this year. Halm has also been cast in the supporting role of a rebellious skater in the James Franco produced Memoria, a film adaptation of stories from Franco's book "Palo Alto Stories."

Beginning his career on stage, as many actors do, Halm made his mark at the age of 9 in "The Sound of Music," playing the role of Rolf. Some of his other work since includes playing a Neanderthal in "Becoming Human: Last Human Standing" for Nova and the lead role in the coming of age short film Waltham Vanguard which won a CINE Golden Eagle award in 2012.

When he's not on set, in school or playing on his high school's junior varsity soccer team, Halm is in the ocean surfing or hitting the pavement on his skateboard. He has also been making a presence on the web by shooting, directing and starring in short films. Halm currently resides in Los Angeles.


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