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At only fifteen years old, actress ELLA WAHLESTEDT (Emma) is quickly becoming one of the most watched young actresses in the business today. Wahlestedt was also recently seen recurring on Lifetime's hit series "Army Wives" as Caroline Hall, a teenager struggling to deal with her parents' divorce while adapting to life with her new step-family. Introduced in the show's seventh season, Caroline is the daughter of Sergeant Eddie Hall (Burgess Jenkins) and has become known for her unfiltered bickering with new stepmom, Maggie (Torrey DeVitto) and stepbrother Tanner.

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Wahlestedt and her family relocated to Palm Beach, Florida when she was six years old. Always an active child, she discovered a love for sports and athleticism at an early age, even learning how to ride a two-wheeled bike (without training wheels) by the time she was four years old. Wahlestedt's mother was always keeping an eye on her lively daughter, and when she caught her swinging on their eleven foot canopy bed, she thought it might be best to enroll her in gymnastics so she could expend her energy. By the time she was 10, Wahlestedt had become a Level 7 USA gymnast. In addition to gymnastics, she also loved to play soccer, and played competitively for several years.

Although sports were a huge part of Wahlestedt's life, she also had a growing passion for the arts, so her parents decided to enroll her at BAK Middle School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, where she delved headfirst into her growing interest in performing and theater. From 2010-11, Wahlestedt participated in ten independent and student film projects, she also started to land professional work in the print and commercial space. She would travel to Miami with her mom, and quickly booked nationwide print campaigns for the clothing store Justice, fashion line Cato, leading retail department store Belk, and Next (UK).

In 2011, Wahlestedt's family made the move to Miami, Florida and she has been working ever since. In addition to her work on "Army Wives," Wahlestedt recently appeared in a guest star role on A&E's "The Glades." When not acting, Wahlestedt loves to stay active and enjoys hiking and cross fit. She also tries to stay close to her Swedish roots, practicing the language regularly with her dad, and visiting Sweden with her family every summer. She currently splits her time between Miami and Los Angeles, and lives with her parents, younger brother, and their two dogs Freya and Oden.


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