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Welsh born writer/director GARETH EVANS has always been an action movie enthusiast. In 2003, he directed "Samurai Monogatari", a short film in Japanese recounting the story of a Samurai waiting to be executed starring Japanese students from Cardiff University.

Gareth graduated with an MA in Scriptwriting for Film and Television from the University of Glamorgan in 2003. It was not until 2006, however, that he would see his early feature produced with the self-penned feature FOOTSTEPS. The film received the Best Film award at the Swansea Bay Film Festival in 2006.

In 2007, Gareth directed THE MYSTIC ART OF INDONESIA, a documentary about the cultural heritage of Indonesia for Christine Hakim Films. Following this experience, Gareth became fascinated by pencak silat (Indonesian martial arts). He wrote and directed his feature film MERANTAU (Merantau Warrior) two years later. The film introduced Indonesian action stars Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian to audiences.

In late 2009, Gareth wrote another action film, BERANDAL. The film required substantial funding due to several complicated action scenes. Unable to find investors, Gareth had to abandon the project. Meanwhile, he had started writing another script with a lower budget in mind, thanks to more flexible and controlled action scenes, called INSIDE. INSIDE was released simultaneously in the U.S. and Indonesia in March 2011 under the title: THE RAID: REDEMPTION, to international acclaim. Following his newfound success, Gareth began adapting BERANDAL as a sequel to THE RAID: REDEMPTION. In the revised script, the protagonist, Rama, is an undercover cop. By giving Rama a new identity for the sequel, the script gained an exciting new angle missing from earlier drafts. . He also added an action scene in a taxi inspired by a friend's true story. The new script was completed in the fall of 2012. Preproduction started straight away and was followed by principal photography in January 2013. The production wrapped in the first week of August of that year.


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