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JULIE ESTELLE was born on January 4th, 1989 from a French-American father and a Chinese-Indonesian mother. She began working in the entertainment industry as a model and actress. In 2005 when she was fifteen years old, Estelle started in a local drama feature titled Alexandria. For this film she won MTV Indonesia Awards' Most Favorite Rising Star. She then starred in Kuntilanak in 2006 (known as The Chanting in English) and its two sequels in 2007 and 2008, followed by Rumah Dara (Macabre) directed by Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel (Mo Brothers). In addition to films and modeling, Julie is active in music videos and local TV soap operas. THE RAID 2 is her first action film.


For Hammer Girl, Evans had in mind a pretty, fashionable and quiet girl in her early twenties. He wanted the character to have no dialogue. Her performance would be focused on her two fight scenes - one in a train wagon and one in an alley with the man with the baseball bat and Rama. Estelle discussed the role with Evans:

We discussed everything about the character and even came up with a detailed background story for her. (Julie Estelle)

Evans created another character called Baseball Bat Man. It is also a part without any dialogue that focuses on fight scenes. Gareth made him Hammer Girl's older brother.

I really wanted to create pop icons. I guess you could relate that to the Japanese cinema that I've watched growing up and the influence it has had on me as a filmmaker. I wanted to make them memorable visually and also in terms of presence. When you create a character larger than life, extensive dialog can be somewhat of a tipping point. When you give dialog to comic book- style characters like Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Man, they can either go too far into reality and lose their sense of charisma or go too far into comic book world… I wanted to find a balance between the two, to find a way to incorporate larger than life characters that don't feel forced. We had this concern for one of Baseball Bat Man's scenes. Did it look too much like a comic book? I've made a constant decision to keep the dialog at a minimum in order to keep the character mysterious. That way the character is not perceived as too serious or too "comic book." (Gareth Evans)

It was a great surprise to everyone when Estelle, who has no martial arts background, nailed the audition. She performed the choreography very well and showed all the emotions Evans was looking for. After Estelle was cast as Hammer Girl, she went through three months of intensive physical training.

"The role of a killer with advanced fighting skills using hammers was challenging to me, especially considering I have no background in martial arts. THE RAID 2 is the first film where I have a real fight scene. Hammer Girl's fight scene is quite difficult technically. The training was very intense and tiring. I had to learn everything from scratch. The hardest part in this role was to maintain the energy to shoot take after take and learning martial arts techniques in a very short time." (Julie Estelle)


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