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EDGAR RAMIREZ (Joe Mendoza) is among a select group of young actors on the rise in Hollywood. The Venezuela born RAMIREZ next stars opposite Robert De Niro in Hands of Stone, a film about the legendary boxer, Roberto Duran. RAMIREZ also recently starred in the thriller Holland, Michigan, with Naomi Watts and Bryan Cranston.

RAMIREZ won a wide array of awards attention and critical acclaim for his starring role in director Olivier Assayas' Carlos, for which he received a 2011 Golden Globe nomination in the category of Best Actor in a Television Miniseries, a 2011 SAG Awards nomination in the category of Outstanding Actor in a Television Miniseries, a 2011 Emmy Award nomination in the category of Best Lead Actor in a Television Miniseries or Movie, and won the Cesar Award for Best Newcomer (Male). RAMIREZ also received nominations for Best Actor by the Los Angeles Film Critics Circle, the London Film Critics Circle and for a Prix Lumieres Award in the category of Best Actor. RAMIREZ played Carlos, a legend in the espionage world for over 30 years. RAMIREZ spoke several languages for the role, which shot in numerous locations, including France, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Lebanon and Yemen. The project was released theatrically by IFC, and as a three-part miniseries by Sundance Channel. Carlos premiered at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival and won Best Television Miniseries at the 2011 Golden Globes, as well as being voted Best Foreign Language Film by the Los Angeles and New York Film Critics Circles.

RAMIREZ last starred in the Academy Award-nominated Zero Dark Thirty, directed and produced by Academy Award-winner Kathryn Bigelow. The film starred Jessica Chastain and chronicled the decade-long hunt for Al Qaeda terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden. Additionally in 2012, he starred as Ares - God of War in Jonathan Liebesman's Wrath of the Titans for Warner Bros. and Legendary Films, alongside Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson. He was awarded the 2012 Alma Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture Drama for his role in the film. Additional film credits include L'Orenoque (aka The Passenger) opposite Juliette Binoche, Steven Soderbergh's Che: The Argentine, his biopic about Ernesto "Che" Guevara with Benicio Del Toro, as well as Sony Pictures' political thriller Vantage Point, opposite Forest Whitaker and Dennis Quaid. He also starred in The Bourne Ultimatum opposite Matt Damon, and made his American film debut in director Tony Scott's Domino, opposite Keira Knightley and Mickey Rourke.

Internationally, RAMIREZ last starred as Simon Bolivar in the epic Libertador: The Liberator, directed by Alberto Arvelo (Venezuela/Spain), and Greetings to the Devil, in which a former guerilla is reluctantly drawn into the vengeance scheme of one of his victims. The film had a Latin American release, and premiered in Fall 2012 on HBO Latino. He also made his producing debut on Cyrano Fernandez, a Venezuelan-Spanish production based on the French play Cyrano De Bergerac, in which he also starred. For his performance in the film, RAMIREZ won the Best Actor Award in the official selection of Territorio Latinoamericano.

Additional past international film credits include Elipsis; El Don (The Boss), directed by J.R. Novoa (Venezuela/Spain); La Hora Cero (The Magic Hour), a short film directed by Guillermo Arriaga, the acclaimed screenwriter of Amores Perros and 21 Grams (Mexico); El Nudeo (The Knot), directed by Alejandro Wiederman (Venezuela); Yotama Se Va Volando (Yotama Flies Away), directed by Luis Armando Roche (Venezuela/France); Punto y Raya (Step Forward), directed by Elia K. Schneider (Venezuela/Spain/Chile/Uruguay), a nominee for Oscar consideration for 2004 Best Foreign Language Film; and Anonimo (Anonymous), directed by Enelio Farina (Venezuela).

A native of Caracas, Venezuela, RAMIREZ grew up all over the world due to his father's job as a military attache. He has made his home in such diverse countries as Austria, Canada, Colombia, Italy and Mexico and is fluent in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish as a result. Throughout his travels RAMIREZ developed a great love and ability for intercultural communication, a skill he parlayed into a degree in journalism. He specialized in political communications and initially intended on becoming a diplomat.

In 2000, before turning to acting full time, RAMIREZ was the executive director of NGO Dale Al Voto, a Venezuelan organization skin to Rock the Vote. In order to foster democratic values among young people, RAMIREZ and his team created cutting edge campaigns for radio, television and cinema. The campaign was well received by audiences throughout the country. He also lent his expertise to various Venezuelan multilateral organizations, including the Organization of American States, Transparency International and Amnesty International.

Currently, after three years of contribution to UNICEF including Haiti Relief, Anti-Violence and Children's Rights campaigns, RAMIREZ serves as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF in Venezuela. He joins a distinguished list of International Ambassadors that includes Vanessa Redgrave, Susan Sarandon, Shakira, Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, Orlando Bloom, Judy Collins and Mia Farrow. He also has been active in the awareness campaign for breast cancer in Venezuela, specifically highlighting the disease's prevalence in the male community.

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