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ROB REINER ("ARTIE"/DIRECTOR/PRODUCER) first came to fame as an actor in the landmark television series "All In the Family" but went on to become the acclaimed director of some of the most popular and influential film of the past few decades, deftly moving among many styles and genres.

His work ranges from the pure comedy of THIS IS SPINAL TAP and THE PRINCESS BRIDE to drama like STAND BY ME, MISERY, A FEW GOOD MEN, and GHOSTS OF MISSISSIPPI. His romantic comedy WHEN HARRY MET SALLY... became an instant classic, which he followed up with THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT. He also tackled the poignant comedy-drama, THE BUCKET LIST and most recently THE MAGIC OF BELLE ISLE, starring Morgan Freeman.

Reiner is also a vigorous political activist and was instrumental in establishing the California Children & Families Commission, which he chaired for seven years. Recently, he and his wife Michele joined with the American Foundation for Equal Rights to bring the landmark federal court challenge to California's "Prop. 8," the ban on marriage for gay and lesbian couples.


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