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ANTOINE FUQUA (Director / Executive Producer) is one of the most sought-after filmmakers of his generation, effortlessly blending action and character-driven storytelling.

Most recently, Fuqua helmed the boxing drama Southpaw with The Weinstein Company, starring Jake Gyllenhaal in a critically-acclaimed performance, and the smash hit The Equalizer for Sony Pictures, which reunited him with Denzel Washington.

Fuqua's critically acclaimed drama Training Day earned an Academy Award for Denzel Washington for Best Actor, and a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Ethan Hawke. He has also directed the films Olympus Has Fallen starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman; Brooklyn's Finest with Richard Gere; international hit King Arthur starring Clive Owen; and acclaimed blues documentary Lightning in a Bottle, executive produced by Martin Scorsese.

Fuqua is also a highly regarded commercial and music video director, having worked with such brands as Nike, Armani and Pirelli, amongst others, and earning numerous awards. He is deeply passionate about supporting underprivileged youth in the community and gives back through filmmaking.

Fuqua currently resides in Los Angeles.


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