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MILES BAKSHI (Tim) was born on December 19, 2002 in Los Angeles who is now a middle school student. As a toddler he had a great sense of humor and began developing and artistic side. Miles' grandfather is the underground animation filmmaker, Ralph Bakshi, whose career spans many decades of independent edgy and animated films, most famous for Fritz the Cat and the Mighty Mouse series. Miles loves to spend time with his grandpa learning the artistry of animation and talking about life.

Before becoming Tim, Miles played various characters in the Shrek movies. Tim a 7 year old, was a character that Miles took on at 10 years old and completed when he was 13. "Working with director Tom McGrath was fun, inspiring and educational, I grew so much over the course of this project, and not only in experience, but my shoes size went from a 7 to a 13."


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