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With a background in music, dance and choreography, TRISH SIE (Directed by) brings a fresh, inventive, energetic approach to filmmaking. Her passion for playfulness and innovation characterizes her acclaimed signature style. Known for not taking anything too seriously, she brings humor and a whimsical approach to storytelling, characters, movement, timing, music and space.

After a decade as a professional dancer, championship ballroom competitor and choreographer, Sie dove into filmmaking in 2006, when she created, directed and produced her first official music video, "Here It Goes Again," with her brother's band, OK Go. After rehearsing on treadmills for 10 days at her dance studio in Orlando, Florida, Sie shot the video in a single uncut take, using a friend's borrowed camera.

That treadmill video earned Sie and the band a Grammy Award for best short-form music video, and since then, her other groundbreaking concepts and direction with the rock band OK Go have produced some of the most universally heralded music videos of all time.

Her most recent OK Go collaboration, "Upside Down & Inside Out," was shot entirely in weightlessness aboard a plane that simulates zero gravity. It racked up more than 47 million hits in its first week online and has been praised by critics and fans alike as a truly groundbreaking work of filmmaking. Success as a music video director led to commercial work for Sie. She's shot ads for brands such as Levi's, Häagen-Dazs, Sony, Old Navy, Dole, Carl's Jr., Hunt's, Big Lots! and more.

Her work has been honored and awarded by Smithsonian magazine, Creativity magazine, the Cannes advertising festival and Saatchi & Saatchi's New Directors' Showcase, among others.

She also writes and creates her own short films and concept videos. Her short films, Not Alone and Being Dennis, have enjoyed success on the festival circuit, screening at BAM, Henson's Puppets on Film, Atlanta Film Festival, L.A. Art-House Film Festival, the NYC Independent Film Festival and the LA Puppet Festival. Her newest short film, The Big Breakup, deals with America's dysfunctional relationship with guns.

Sie is also a recurring creative collaborator and choreographer for the inventive, world-renowned dance company Pilobolus.

Her first feature film, Step Up All In, was filmed in native 3D and hit theaters around the globe in 2014, grossing more than $90 million worldwide. According to the Los Angeles Times, "Sie packs in her exuberantly choreographed and staged dance scenes as tightly as beads on a necklace," and The New York Times says her film "exudes the infectiousness of an old-fashioned movie musical."


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