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NICOLAI FUGLSIG (Director) is an award-winning film director and photojournalist who made his feature film directorial debut on "12 Strong."

Born in Elsinore, Denmark, Fuglsig graduated from the Danish School of Journalism and went on to become a staff photographer for the national newspaper Politiken in Copenhagen. Soon after, Fuglsig took on a project to photograph a previously untold nuclear disaster in the Russian village of Muslumovo. The book created from the stunning images he captured brought him a 1999 ICP Infinity Award in New York, a World Press Photo First Prize, and the Kodak prize for Best Photographer Under 30.

From there, Fuglsig took his first step towards being a film director when he was on assignment as a photojournalist during the War in Kosovo. After purchasing a video camera at the airport, he shot and edited the footage from his experience into a powerful 15-minute documentary titled "Return of the Exiled," which aired on Danish National Television and screened in cinemas. A much-coveted invitation to make a short film for Levi's soon followed, with Fuglsig traveling to Haiti to shoot "Possessed Jeans," a viral video based on authentic Voodoo practices.

Fuglsig has since won over 170 awards for his commercial directorial work, including four Emmy nominations, taking home the award in 2013 for a Canon commercial, and several Clios. He has also been honored by the Directors Guild of America (DGA) for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials, winning the DGA Award in 2007 for multiple spots, including for JC Penney, Guinness and Motorola, and again in 2014 for ads for FEMA and Guinness. His myriad commercial credits also include award-winning spots for such notable companies as Nike, Mercedes, Sony, Coca-Cola, Lexus, and Barclays.


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