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 LIOR ASHKENZAI An award-winning Israeli screen, television, and stage actor. He was recently acclaimed for his performance as Micha Eshel, Israeli Diplomat and Prime Minister whose fate is linked inextricably with that of the title character in Joseph Cedar's NORMAN: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer.

Ashkenazi became one of Israel's biggest stars after his performance as "Zaza" in Dover Kashashvili's LATE MARRIAGE (2001). He won the Ophir (Israeli Academy Award) for Best Actor for LATE MARRIAGE, FOOTNOTE, and FOXTROT, and was nominated for RUTENBERG (2003, Best Supporting Actor) and WALK ON WATER (2004, Best Actor). His other films include: GIFT FROM ABOVE; SIMA VAKNIN WITCH; THE BUBBLE; MELAH HA-ARETZ; WILD DOGS; HELLO, GOODBYE; ELI & BEN; ULTIMATUM, RABIES, YOSSI, BIG BAD WOLVES; THE DUNE; ENCIRCLEMENTS, and as Uriel Shkolnik, a Talmudic scholar with a complicated relationship with his fellow scholar father, in Joseph Cedar's FOOTNOTE. This year Ashkenazi finished shooting THE WANDERERS. Ashkenazi also appeared in a season of the series "In Therapy," the Israeli series that was remade in the U.S. as "In Treatment." Some of his other TV credits includes: "Shabatot VeHagim," "HaEmet Ha'Eroma," "Adama," "The Missionary," "Good Family," "Hazoref," and "The Exchange Principle."

Ashkenazi was born in Ramat Gan, Israel, where he studied acting at Beit Zvi School for Performing Arts. After graduating in 1994, he starred in many plays at Habima and Beit Lessin Theatres in Tel Aviv and the Beersheba Theater in Beersheba.


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