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REGINA HALL (Lisa Carter) most recently starred in the hit comedy GIRLS TRIP. Born and raised in Washington, DC, Regina Hall made her television debut in 1992 with an appearance on the ABC soap opera "Loving". Work proved to be sporadic, with several years passing before she landed another guest appearance, this time on "New York Undercover". After playing Candy, a stripper in the feature film THE BEST MAN, roles began to come her way more frequently.

She starred in LOVE & BASKETBALL and SCARY MOVIE, after which followed three Scary Movie sequels. A three-episode arc as the junior associate to Robert Downey Jr.'s character on Ally McBeal in the spring of 2001 led to her becoming a season regular for the 2001/2002 season.

When that gig ended, Regina moved back into feature films with roles in Malibu's MOST WANTED opposite Jaime Kennedy, KING'S RANSOM with Anthony Anderson, DANIKA, playing the psychiatrist of Marissa Tomei's character, and the comedies DEATH AT A FUNERAL, THINK LIKE A MAN and THINK LIKE A MAN TOO. Her most recent movie appearances include the comedy VACATION, the comedy sequel BARBERSHOP: THE NEXT CUT, the mystery thriller WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS and the girls' night out comedy GIRLS TRIP. Regina earned a Master's degree in Journalism in 1997 from New York University.


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