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DAVID F. SANDBERG (Director) was born in 1981 in Jonkoping, Sweden, and fell in love with film at a young age. In his late teens, he worked in a video store, which allowed him to both delve more deeply into his passion and save up money to buy his first camcorder. He began making short films and submitting them to festivals and this eventually led him to intern at a local film center, Film i Jonkopings lan.

Sandberg released his first short animated film, "For Barnen," on YouTube in 2006, which was quickly followed by another animated short, "Vad Tyst Det Blev." This short went on to win several awards from the November Film Festival and, because of its success, led to job offers and starting his own company making commercials and shorts for various clients.

In 2009, Sandberg moved to Gothenburg, Sweden, and began collaborating with Claes Lundin of CL Film. In 2011, they finished their animated documentary TV series "Earth Savers," which aired in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Other projects include "Ladyboy," an experimental mix of animation and live action, and "Wallace," a VFX-filled tale of a bullied boy whose drawings come to life.

In 2013, Sandberg realized he had slipped away from his original dream of making horror and sci-fi films and decided to begin making short horror films in his apartment with his wife, Lotta Losten. Their second short film, "Lights Out," became a viral hit with over 100 million views and quickly began making waves in Hollywood, where it was snatched up by New Line and Warner Bros. The feature film of the same name, directed by Sandberg and produced by James Wan, premiered in 2016 and was a box office hit.

Sandberg once again collaborated with New Line and James Wan on his second feature, "Annabelle: Creation," an installment in the successful "The Conjuring" franchise. "Annabelle: Creation" went on to make over $300 million at the worldwide box office.

Together with Losten, he continues to produce film and television projects across various genres.


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