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COLIN FARRELL (Peter Lake) won a Golden Globe Award in 2009 for his role in "In Bruges" and recently reteamed with its director, Martin McDonough, for "Seven Psychopaths." He can currently be seen in "Saving Mr. Banks," with Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, a behind-the-scenes look at how the enduring children's film "Mary Poppins" came to be. He recently wrapped the film adaptation of "Miss Julie," starring opposite Jessica Chastain. The film is directed by Liv Ullmann, based on the 1888 play by Swedish playwright August Strindberg.

Farrell recently lent his voice to the animated film "Epic," opposite Beyoncé and Amanda Seyfried, and was seen in "Dead Man Down." His additional film credits include "Total Recall"; Peter Weir's "The Way Back"; "London Boulvard"; "Fright Night"; "Horrible Bosses"; Neil Jordan's "Ondine"; Gavin O'Conner's "Pride and Glory"; Woody Allen's "Cassandra's Dream"; "Miami Vice"; Oliver Stone's "Alexander"; Terrence Malick's "The New World"; "Ask the Dust," based on the novel by John Fante; "The Recruit," opposite Al Pacino; "A Home at the End of the World," based on the Michael Cunningham novel; Joel Schumacher's films "Phone Booth" and "Tigerland"; "Minority Report"; "Daredevil"; "American Outlaws"; "S.W.A.T."; and "Intermission."

Born and raised in Castleknock in the Republic of Ireland, Farrell is the son of Eamon Farrell and nephew of Tommy Farrell, both of whom played for the Irish Football Club's Shamrock Rovers in the 1960s. It was the teenaged Farrell's ambition to follow in his father and uncle's footsteps, however, his interest soon turned toward acting and instead he joined the Gaity School of Drama in Dublin.

Before completing his course, Farrell landed starring roles in Dierde Purcell's miniseries "Falling for a Dancer" and the BBC series "Ballykissangel." A featured role in Tim Roth's directorial debut, "The War Zone," followed soon after.

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SAVING MR. BANKS (PG-13) On Video: 3/18/2014 At Theaters: 12/13/2013
EPIC (PG) On Video: 8/20/2013 At Theaters: 5/24/2013
DEAD MAN DOWN (R) On Video: 7/9/2013 At Theaters: 3/8/2013
SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS (R) On Video: 1/29/2013 At Theaters: 10/12/2012
TOTAL RECALL (PG-13) On Video: 12/18/2012 At Theaters: 8/3/2012
FRIGHT NIGHT (R) On Video: 12/13/2011 At Theaters: 8/19/2011
HORRIBLE BOSSES (R) On Video: 10/11/2011 At Theaters: 7/8/2011
THE WAY BACK (PG-13) On Video: 4/19/2011 At Theaters: 1/21/2011
ONDINE (PG-13) On Video: 9/21/2010 At Theaters: 6/4/2010
THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS (PG-13) On Video: 4/27/2010 At Theaters: 12/25/2009
PRIDE AND GLORY (R) On Video: 1/27/2009 At Theaters: 10/24/2008
IN BRUGES (R) On Video: 6/24/2008 At Theaters: 2/8/2008
MIAMI VICE (R) On Video: 12/5/2006 At Theaters: 7/28/2006
THE NEW WORLD (PG-13) On Video: 5/9/2006 At Theaters: 1/20/2006
ALEXANDER (R) On Video: 8/2/2005 At Theaters: 11/24/2004
S.W.A.T. (PG-13) On Video: 12/30/2003 At Theaters: 8/8/2003
DAREDEVIL (PG-13) On Video: 7/29/2003 At Theaters: 2/14/2003
PHONE BOOTH (R) On Video: 7/8/2003 At Theaters: 4/4/2003
THE RECRUIT (PG-13) On Video: 5/27/2003 At Theaters: 1/31/2003
MINORITY REPORT (PG-13) On Video: 12/17/2002 At Theaters: 6/21/2002
HART'S WAR (R) On Video: 7/9/2002 At Theaters: 2/15/2002
AMERICAN OUTLAWS (PG-13) On Video: 12/4/2001 At Theaters: 8/17/2001
TIGERLAND (R) On Video: 4/17/2001 At Theaters: 10/6/2000
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